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The radio under the leadership of Apostle John & Sarah Bunjo of Christian Restoration Ministries International, is a voice established with a mission to restore the church back to the biblical foundations.

Media is the key outreach tool of CRMI. And for more than 15 years now, John and Sarah Bunjo ministered to millions of Ugandans every week day, through their broadcasts on Top radio in Uganda. Scores of testimonies have been recorded of people receiving help from the broadcasts. And now with this voice, John & Sarah touch a thousands of people in & outside the country. Contact John & Sarah for any support available towards keeping On Air 24/7.

Latest Events

Divine Encounter (Watch this space 4details on our nxt Encounter), For many years now, the Lord has been urging Apostle Bunjo to revisit the spiritual foundations that were laid in this country by the fore fathers of our faith: those men and women who first received and lived and preached the gospel. Divine Encounter accomplishes it all. Plan not to miss.
Today's Verse

Jessica, The Lord delivered me and my family from witch craft and its consequences, and ever since they were burn't and i denounced it also, iam free, set for high in every area of my Life, marriage, family, even my father, who was the family / clan witch doctor, gave his life to Christ!!

Mary Bata N, I had fibroids and was bleeding for two years, I went to the doctors, who opted for the removal of my uterus, which advice i stubbornly refused to heed to, it got worse that my friends took to consult various witch doctors but all was in vain. After re dedicating my life to Christ, i decided to fast and pray during when i came to attend the Abigail conference with a friend who was staunch born again. Miraculously, God provided the money i needed for my treatment in india and i was successfully treated and healed, my uterus was made whole again that i even gave birth again. Praise be to the Lord who supplies all our needs!!

Timothy, I was delivered in my life of giving and tithing to the Lord. I was struggling with this whole idea, but ever since i started fellowshipping in the apostolic lunch hour, God has delivered me from this problem. Part of was send me free, is one time, One day, i said; let me test God as it is said in Malachi 3:10. I gave a seed offering of only shs.10,000 only in one of our daily services the only thing i had to survive on while leaving town and feeding on with my family at home. But during those days in that very month, God did it. All my arrears were cleared, recieved new customers, and a miracle of shs.400000 came in form of a short contarct. Since then, i have loved tithing, and giving. Separating what is for the Lord to him. Because then, i realised there is power in doing the principles of God!
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